new member and new owner of 182 f

Hi am brand new to the organization and recently bought an older 182 f model, plane is in good shape but does need some cosmetic improvement. Good avionics and new engine overhaul good outside paint, but the interior needs improvement. I'm going to take some time and do it slowly, so the wife likes it since she flies as much as I do. Will post some pictures later. thanks dan


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    Hi Dan,

    Welcome to the forum! If you need anything I'm here for you. :)

    Scott Sherer
    Wright Brothers Master Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot
    Aviation Director, Cessna Owners Organization Forum Moderator and Cessna Owners Author.

    Need help? Let me know!

  • planewrenchplanewrench IA 46yr A&P DAL A/C Inspector

    Look fwd to seeing and hearing from ya! Carl

  • sitting on ramp at kmto

  • I am going to start repairing some plastic trim, seems that's the most neglected item and the panel needs some TLC, but going to take my time since I still need to keep flying, that's why we bought it.

  • Nice 182. I have a 62 model. Check out my post on Window Tint. I did the back windows. It really makes the back seats more comfortable. And nobody can really see in to see the less than perfect interior

    Enjoy your plane!

  • I have started repairing the plastics in the plane, so far they look good, my next task is to remove the dash and recover, has anyone had any experience in what I am going to run into, thanks dan

  • Well all is not well I recently found out I cannot fly my plane due to a error on the part off the faa. When I sent my paper work to the faa for registeration and I used a legal company to do this, the faa turned around the part of me being the buyer but to the seller and since this couldnt be, they revoked my register of the plane and I got a denial letter from the faa saying I cant fly. We have appealed but to no avail it has been 45 days and still no answer. This is really costing me money since I have to rent to fly now and still paying insruance and hangar fees but cant fly. Any ideas would be appreciated thanks dan

  • Dan,

    Are you an AOPA member?

    You might contact them and see if their pilot protection service would cover a situation like this.

    The basic Pilot Protection Service subscription is $60, in addition to your basic membership fee.

    Pilot Protection Service Basic + $60.00/Year.

  • Thanks I will check that out we are all members but I am only a basic member. I do appreciate the comment, i also apologize to the forum if this off topic, just run out of ideas. thanks dan

  • Well it appears we have resolved this, we had to appeal to a local senator and representative, I wont go into details. Just glad its over, almost two months couldnt fly. If this happens to somone else go strait to your rep or senator. Now we are headed to oshkosh in couple of weeks, thanks dan

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