Hi. Got a 2003 182T 310hp Texas Skyways.

Greetings fellow Cessna owners. I am Ross Johnson from Australia 1994 to South Jordan, and then 2021 to Grassy Meadows Sky Ranch Hurricane. I am the airport manager semi retired. Have had 10 planes since 1993 from Chieftain, 172, 172, 182, Citabria, Bonanza, Extra 300, Sportsman 2x2, XCub, and currently have the EX3 under construction with a real plane next to it, the Cessna 182T 2003 with the Texas Skyways IO550B 310HP Continental. Feels like cheating when I push in the throttle all the way. I understand there is a cooling feature on high throttle. Just learning about it. So I may have to be generous in summer on power. Anyone familiar with this STC? The engine is closer to the firewall with an extended shaft to the prop. I was told how the 2004 with the Garmin 1000 was not a fit for the 310hp and the 2003 with the gauges works for this conversion. Learning more about its numbers and will fly a little more and will get back on that.


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    OH WOW! Now that's what I'm talkin about! :) Well done.

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    Need help? Let me know!

  • How do I edit this post. Engine is a OI-550-N69B

  • planewrenchplanewrench IA 46yr A&P DAL A/C Inspector

    Sweet, bet that baby climbs nice. Carl

  • Yes it does feel like an over kill for a full power take off, but I was cautioned that the injection system adds extra fuel just for cooling at max, I am guessing for hot days and already hot engine?? Anyone know anything about that?

  • I have a GILL G-243 Apr20. So I guess it is a good time to replace. Sooo are there better batteries now-a-days?

  • planewrenchplanewrench IA 46yr A&P DAL A/C Inspector

    If you can , try and find a shop that can load test it before you replace it. Gill or Concord, if you see the prices, make sure you need it, unless you want some piece of mind.

    And yes, your full power fuel flow has lots of extra for cooling. Carl

  • Just sold my XCUB with a G3X touch IFR. Spoiled and tempted to put in a Garmin 750 to replace the King MDF and GPS.

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