New member and owner 65 C310J Hello to all

Just joined Cessna Owner Organization today, and I wanted to say hello to everyone. I’m very excited about being a member of this organization. I’m sure the help and things I’ll learn from other Cessna owners will be invaluable.

This is my second go at aircraft ownership. For several years I thought long and hard about how to get back into GA flying. I defined my mission, and decided to purchase a 65 Mooney M20E a couple years ago. It’s a great cross country airplane, the performance you get for the cost to operate no complaints. There were two things that made me want to look for another airplane. I’m a fairly big guy, I thought I would get accustomed to the interior size…I never did. Secondly, the last time I had flown a piston single was in 1988 when I left my CFI job. Everything since has been piston twins and turbines. I just never got the warm and fuzzies like I had before when I was a student and CFI.

One of the piston twins I had time in was a 310R I had flown for a couple of years, so considering insurance and experience in make and model a 310 was the most logical choice for me. Plus it solved my problems I had with the Mooney and exceeded my mission parameters. The Mooney was sold and I went on the hunt. After a number of months of searching…casually. I kept reminding myself of that for some reason. I found this 65 310J in Barnstormers. It had only been listed for 5 days, it already had all the avionics I wanted, and an asking price I could work with. I had the feeling it was the one. It was pretty late in the evening when I found the listing, I thought no way he would answer my call tonight. The owner picked up on the first ring. I thought this was a sign.

I flew up to Syracuse, New York two days later to check her out. The sale went very smooth. There were a couple items I wanted worked on before I flew it home, and that took awhile because every shop around is so backed logged. I recently got her home in the new hanger and I couldn’t be any happier.


  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator

    Hey Maurice! Welcome and very nice flying machine! If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know.

    Scott Sherer
    Wright Brothers Master Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot
    Aviation Director, Cessna Owners Organization Forum Moderator and Cessna Owners Author.

    Need help? Let me know!

  • Thank you Scott! I really appreciate the welcome aboard to the group, and the nice comment about the plane. I look forward to communicating with others here, and I’ll surely let you know if you can help me.

    Thanks again

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