New intro and upgrade C172H

Good to be here with all the wealth of knowledge. Proud owner of an "H" model of the last month of Continental 6s. On my relocation from CT to TX, fit began to leak its life-blood to the atmosphere (not catastrophically), indicating significant dollar outlay soon. My wife and I determined a new engine was the way to go ($) and we found that Franklin has an STC for their 6A-350 (220hp !) in essentially the same size package. Total Franklin STC $ is still less than overhaul or new Conti or Lycom STC to 180hp. Arguments for and against regarding all options are floated by many, however, the sheet balances fairly evenly leaving a big determinant called money...anyone have any advice on the Franklin (I have a lot already on the Conti/Lycom side).


  • Before commiting to a Franklin, I'd strongly recommend determining if you mechanic has any experience with the brand and is he/she willing to maintain it.

  • planewrenchplanewrench IA 46yr A&P DAL A/C Inspector

    I /we have taken care of Chuck's 172 with the Franklin eng mod. I have flown it for test flights, and its powered like a 182. Of course, you have a constant speed prop too. ( $$)

    Its a different breed of engine, Has to be heavier than a 4 banger Lyc for sure. From a mechanical point of view, I would have to say more "complex' for what it has to do. Cast intake systems, differerent style heads, exhaust and carb heat system is a rather myrid of doors, and scat tubing, This one also has the aux baggage tank. Support i would say is ok. Would i recommend converting over to one in today market?? Prob not. Performance from a 320 with powerflow or conversion to a 180 hp will be a much better deal in the long run and market.

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