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Planning our next plane/5th wheel camper trip; N out of CO to ND; east thru upper midwest to Niagra Falls area; east for leaf peeping in N NY and ME and back through midwest whatever route needed to stay clear of snow. Leave late Sept/early Oct to match NE fall color timing; as best we can. Wife flies plane and I drive to smaller towns with airport and RV park; then sometimes base out of there for several days or longer; no rush, we're retired.

Having very little experience in this part of the country, we're looking for opinions/ideas on "places to go and things to do." We also bring our ebikes (with camper) and our 56 182 is very STOL.

Thanks for any/all ideas.



  • Nobody has any opinions or ideas regarding flying in the northern midwest/NE?

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    The only recommendations I have are upstate NY:

    44N just east of Poughkeepsie, good gas prices, a great little restaurant, good starting point for the NYC VFR sightseeing corridor. Manhattan / NYC is flyover country to me. Not to far away is Hyde Park NY and the Hudson River, with the Roosevelt & Vanderbilt historic areas, Rhinebeck Aerodrome.

    Ticonderoga (4B6) and camping at Roger's Rock NYS campground at the northern end of Lake George. RV & dog friendly campground, great place been going there for decades. After Labor Day the campground empties quite a bit, lakeview camper sites should be more readily available, but they do go quickly. Reservation window opens 9 months previous.

    Floyd Bennett Mem (KGFL) in Glen Mills, NY for the southern end of Lake George and the town of Lake George. This is the upscale touristy end.

    I've been to Minute Man Field 6B6 in eastern Mass, nice place.

  • Good info Salem; thanks.

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