2004 T182T

Hello! We are an active RAF member and ambassador based in KBZN and KSLR. Flying about 200 hours a year in the backcountry and cross country between friends, family, and flying events in Mt, Id., Wa. Or., Calif, Wi, Ar, and

TX. Keeping my IFR currency on its legacy G1000. Upgrades to my stock182: Alpha Systems HUD AOA, wheel pants removed with 8.00 on nose and 8.50’s. On mains, Aero LED’s, Stene Aviation fairings and tips, CEIS fuel sensors. Harzell Trailblazer prop. I’m a former USAF C-130 driver (1970-1975) that got brought back to life with the AOPA Rusty Pilot program! My wife is a “Companion Copilot”. To my fellow RAF friends and back country pilots, Fly safe, and “Go Fly”!


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