Magnetic interference from devices

I would like to use a mob armor very short, screw mount magnetic holder to mount my iPad Air to the panel. I have found no other option to keep the iPad from interfering with my yoke, carb heat, mixture, visibility of temp. But my concern is the magnet used to connect my iPad to the mount will interfere with my compass. Any advice on this?



    I don't like any magnets in the cabin. I use an iPad, but I am careful to avoid putting the tablet on top of the glareshield for fear that the iPad magnet that attaches a stylus might create a problem that would require me to degauss that area.


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    Perhaps velcro might help?

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  • NOt sure which IPad you are using. I am using an IPad mini with yoke mount with great success.

    I have a double suction cup mount for windshield mount (left side) that I tried, but felt it limited visibility.

    When flying rotary wing many years ago, during an instrument check ride, the IP put a magnest on the glare shield of the Huey (UH1H) to show me the mag compass was clearly affected by the magnet.

  • I found that the combination of the IPad Pro and Stylus, the magnets started affecting the compass at anywhere from 18 to 20 inches away.

    I have no issue using the IPad on the yoke.

    The photo below is from a trip to Oshkosh and I was backing up ADSB Weather from a Stratus 3 on my IPad mini.

  • Thank you all for the insight. I’m going to try the Velcro, I’m pretty sure that may work fine.

  • Why not just buy a proper mount such as a Mygoflight or a Pivot? They have many suction cup arms and mounts to put the ipad just about anywhere you need to. I am not a yoke mount fan. I have a MGF case and suction mount arm, and have used it in a 172, 182, Grumman Tiger and a Bonanza. It sticks to a window and it absolutely the best. You can then put the ipad anywhere you like

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