206 insurance

I’m shopping for 206 insurance for a possible purchase. So far I’ve gotten one quote and it knocked my socks off. 1977 206 valued at $285k. Premium $6347! Now my age, 75, and time in type, 10 hours, factor into it (even though I have 1000 hours 210 time and the 206 is an outgrowth of the 205 which was nothing more than a fixed gear 210 and actually on the 210 type certificate but they won’t accept that time). I got a quote for a 182 valued at $250k and the premium was only 2157, 1/3 the 206 premium. Have others had this experience? I really have a use for the U206 but that premium puts me out of that market.


  • planewrenchplanewrench IA 48yr A&P DAL A/C Inspector

    E, this is a common issue in the insurance market if you have been keeping score. Your age, plus 6 seats is going to make it hard, , just the facts in the industry now. Sad. My hanger partner, has a Searey, mega time... older.. They quoted hiim 6k for a 80k hull., he said forget it. went with just liability. Keep shoping but good luck. Carl

    IA 47yr A&P DAL A/C Inspector 172n

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