Follow-Up to post about oil thru the Turbo.

As I said earlier, I would follow-up on oil thru the turbo problem. A couple of thing's have happen, 1. Lycoming clam's no responsibility, so I guess I won a battle because they did look at the allegation about the scavage pump, but lost the war with the no responsibility answer. 2. Our mechanic rotated the oil cooler 90 degrees, and we have flown for 20 hrs and see no oil being blown past the turbo. This fix was approved by the FAA under a 337 so if anyone has this same problem we can say the FAA more than likely will approve the change. I can tell you this it is very nice not too have large oil strikes on the belly any more.


  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator
    I congratulate you on solving the problem. Unfortunately you had the expense, but that goes with ownership. No more oil streaks, that's a really big deal! Happy holidays.

    Scott Sherer
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