Cies / Aerospace Logic Fuel Indicator Press Release

Bend, OR January 26 2016
CiES Inc. the largest producer of aviation fuel quantity systems in conjunction with
Aerospace Logic have achieved a significant milestone in getting FAA approval to apply
it’s digital fuel quantity system technology to nearly all light aircraft.
CiES CC284022 Series & STC SA02825NY
CiES is a brings a new technology for measuring fuel quantity in aircraft or fuel technology in
any high value application. The CiES patented fuel sender technology is a digital non contact
method which is Explosion Proof and Lightning safe.
In this STC the Aerospace Logic Digital Fuel Gauge is paired with the CiES TSO Digital Fuel
Over 1,500 aircraft in the field, already fly with CiES digital fuel quantity systems. CiES fuel
quantity systems are included on all new Cirrus Aircraft SR50 Jet, SR20, SR22 and, Quest
Kodiak, Vulcanair P68, Gippsland GA10, CAIGA with many more to be added in the coming
Early this year, CiES contacted the FAA Small Aircraft Directorate and Transport Canada to
illustrate how CiES could replace failing and legacy fuel quantity indication as a retrofit program
if an AML STC could be obtained. We demonstrated to both the FAA and Transport Canada
that our success in OEM applications, which required the CiES digital fuel sender to be a fit
form and function replacement for existing fuel senders could translate to legacy in service
Scott Philiben, CiES President, says “For years, pilots of type certificated aircraft
have suffered with marginal or less than functional fuel quantity information,
many pilots don’t trust let alone rely on this FAA required instrumentation. The
industry asked for a better solution, the result was a universal system that is
applicable and retrofittable to most GA aircraft.
This STC illustrates that a conventional approach to FAA Approval utilizing the TSO
components is still a viable method of incorporating changes when safety of flight and
mandatory regulatory FAA requirements are involved.
The CiES digital fuel quantity system utilizes a high technology sensor system that allows
repeatable accurate measurement of fuel in aircraft tank. This patented sensor system allows
fuel measurements down to a change in fuel level to less than 10 ths of a gallon of AVGAS or Jet
A. The non-contact measurement method insures a lifetime of operation, and a lifetime of
safety providing the same consistent fuel level output in the cockpit with modern digital fuel
This initial STC allows the CiES to replace the existing fuel quantity senders matched with a
Aerospace Logic digital input gauge on the following aircraft:
Beech 33, 35, 36, 55, 58
Cessna 150, 152, 170, 172, 175 177, 177RG,180,182,185,190,195, 206, 207 & 210
Cessna 310, 320, 340, 337, 411, 414, 421
Cessna 188
Cirrus SR20 SR22 - Both Fuel and FIKI Senders
Fairchild 24
Gippsland GA8
Piper PA 20, PA 22, PA 23, PA 24, PA 28, PA 30, PA 31, PA 32, PA 39, PA 44
Vulcanair P68
Aerostar PA60
American Champion
Britten Norman BN2
More aircraft approvals are expected to follow.
“Everybody involved from FAA Small Aircraft Directorate, Transport Canada, Aerospace Logic
and CiES were dedicated to the success of this critical safety project approval. A perfect
example of this collaborative process is the low fuel programmable warning. The Small
Aircraft Directorate asked if an annunciation output could be provided for “Low Fuel” as a
retrofit. CiES went back to our system design and software and realized if we re-purposed the
JET A fuel temperature output - we could give the FAA and flying public a viable and
predictable low fuel warning.
The CC284022 Fuel quantity senders have amassed over 572,000 hours of operation in OEM
aircraft and have an outstanding record of near zero service removals with over 10,000
senders fielded. CiES has the experience and capability to insure that GA aircraft fuel quantity
can and will be accurate in the aircraft of the future, and that same capability is available for
your legacy aircraft.
Founded in 2010, CiES’s mission is to create the best aircraft systems for aviation and other
high value markets. With an enviable portfolio of OEM customers and platforms worldwide
CiES is the leading manufacturer of fuel quantity systems for GA Aircraft. Continuing a
tradition started with our introduction of their first digital fuel quantity system, CiES is
committed to developing innovative products at affordable prices for all aircraft manufacturers
& pilots.
For more information about CiES products and capabilities please contact CiES at
541.977.1043 or Visit CiES on the Web at
PHOTOS: High resolution images of CiES products are available at

Scott Sherer
Wright Brothers Master Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot
Aviation Director, Cessna Owners Organization Forum Moderator and Cessna Owners Author.

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