Is AOPA VRef Accurate?

I'm curious if any COO members have used AOPA VRef to value their own aircraft, and if so was it accurate?

I've seen planes listed by dealers that were $15K-$20K above VRef. I've sent emails to 3 dealers asking why their prices were so much higher than VRef - I asked if there were options that I hadn't added to the valuation form. Only one replied and he was offended that I asked - "if you're only shopping by VRef then look elsewhere".

Just ask'n.



  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator
    Hi and thanks for writing, Bob. If a dealer is asking above VRef, it makes sense to me, not that I might want to buy a plane from that dealer or any dealer, for that matter. Think of the VRef price as what the airplane is worth if I sell it to you. If I hire a dealer to sell my airplane, he's got to make some money so he marks it up. Also, the airplane is priced higher so that it can be negotiated down a bit. This help?

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  • bobcbobc Navigator
    Hi Scott,

    Yes, dealers do need to make money. I'd also prefer to buy from a private party.


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