Cessna 172 Buyers Guide?

Is the buyers guide at http://www.aircraftbuyersguide.com/cessna172/ a good one, or is there a better one?

I'm planning to buy a 172 in Jan-Feb 2018 and am doing the research.




  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator
    Hi and thanks for writing. I can't tell you if the publication that you're looking at is any good. For $19.95, however, you don't have much to lose. Having said that, there are common sense items you'll need to know before purchasing a 172. For example: This is a two person plus full gas airplane. Figure about 400 mile range at 120 kts. The late 1970's and up are wonderful airplanes and if you're careful you can find a nice one older than that. Have a pre-purchase inspection done by a 172 knowledgable A&P mechanic and have him keep a sharp eye on corrosion. Avionics in the older birds will need updating. Good luck and stay in touch. We have an association A&P, Erich Rempert, that in addition to myself are here to help you!

    Scott Sherer
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  • bobcbobc Navigator
    Thanks Scott.

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