Interior bare aluminum finishing

Thanks for the forum and opportunity to post a question.Am rebuilding an older C206,the interior bare aluminum had a thick,tar like material, i guess hand brushed on.Removed most of it,due to corrosion underneath.The aircraft supply outlet offers an insulation,treated with fire resistant,but am still looking for something like the origional brushed on material.


  • planewrenchplanewrench IA 46yr A&P DAL A/C Inspector

    the tar material is more of a sound deadening effort on cessnas part. I would not recommend any reapply if you have had corrosion under it once. Obviously cleaning and treating the corrosion is job #1. There are several alternatives for insulation. Those can be found in the archives here and on the web. Given the fact that probably 99 percent of us use headsets, i would concentrate on materials that offer insulation over sound. I have insulated and sealed my 172n and will not have to ever tape over my vents in winter. I dont think that cessna ever envisioned corrosion under their mess.


  • Scott ShererScott Sherer COO Forum Moderator

    On the last several of my planes that I've redone with Airtex, I have always used their rubber sound deadening insulation on the walls, ceiling and floor.

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  • Thanks,that clarifies things,wasn’t sure what Cessna was trying to achieve.

  • I will check out the Airtex products.Thank You

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